UHIVE provide a new innovative social network with physical dimension

UHIVE is the recent innovative platform that enables users to create and show their space with a digital physical location address in a world of maximal space available for occupancy. The user will be able to travel, maneuver and analyze those spaces easily with a simple smartphone exploitation.

UHIVE is insisting the existing condition, transforming the social network and taking it into a new Era, that combine the technological capabilities with human psychology to save a special, natural and entertaining experience. The assurance of UHIVE is to enhance individual interaction within group and societies through combining foundational knowledge from social and developmental psychology and sociology with our advance blockchain technology, which has paved the way for the creation of the world’s first social platform with physical dimension.

UHIVE social network has two innovative experience
1.Civilized world: It is a civilized network governs by rule and regulation, the identity are real and it allow people to connect with other people. It is a network which is expose and influence by external factors such as politic, social norms and global regulation.
2.Grey world: It is a world which defies the social norms, external political regulation, and is completely isolated from your identity. This world offers maximal space to be inhabited in.
Aim and objective
The aim and objective of UHIVE include:

1.To revolutionize and convey the way to the future of social network by supplying the lives of users with new and entertaining social platform experience.
2.To create the ultimate user experience and become the world’s most prevailing social network.
How does this happen
This can happen through the following ways:

3.Digital asset
4.Experience and retention
5.Self-sustained digital economy

Market size
UHIVE is designed to be a social network of every one without restriction.

Any one with a mobile device and internet access is a potential user.

UHIVE physical dimension
Unlike the other social network which are relatively one dimension, UNHIVE give users the opportunity to work through infinite spaces and identify communities value exploring.

Physical dimension for marketers
UHIVE will add new kind of digital marketing to current methodologies. Such as online business which has a fairly poor site traffic. The owner might consider investing in digital marketing, wether by paid advertising to enhance brand awareness or by conducting promotional campaigns or by investing and affiliating with high traffic market place site, PR, influencers etc.

Physical dimension for influencer marketing
UHIVE delivers an evolved form of marketing where the infuencers, bloggers and trendsetters are focused on influencing their audience to become the potential buyers.

Physical dimension for businesses and startups
Businesses could inhabit spaces adjacent to their competitors to create fair competition.
A startup establishment will require a relatively high marketing budget to strike a decent volume of user traffic.
Human psychology
UHIVE involved connecting people together for knowledge-seeking, entertaining, shopping and blogging.

Fulfilling emotional need and wants:

Summary on how UHIVE will handle some generic human needs and behaviours

What make the UHIVE platform difference
These features/qualities makes the UHIVE’s idea unique and differ from current social network

A new innovative physical dimension,allowing users to explore spaces in a more intuitive way.
A Grey world, where anything goes, a place where users can be totally anonymous.
A new and completely self-sustained economy
Base on years of human psychology research, with the aiming of addressing human need.
Built from the start to support the virtual reality
The first social network controlling by A.
A new hybrid blockchain system that uses the best of words.
UHIVE application
The application is very simple to use , but with a new and innovative way for people to explore the civilize and grey worlds.

Artificial technology
UHIVE is a platform built with the latest A.I. technologies such as :

Face detection technology : the technology help to scan and detect all faces in the photo immediately after uploading it, by creating thumbnail for them.
Object detection technology : helps users to discover photos by the object that appear within them.
Video streaming and video analysis technology : the technology of video detection analysed all videos uploaded.
Unsafe content detection for photos , video and post : help to identify unsafe/inapropriately content across images, videos and post and provide detail labels that allow you to controlling what to show and to report any suspicious content. It is available only in civilized world because Grey is unregulated and open world.
Post tokenization : the A. I. engine identify the relevant topics from collection of user’s post, identify the most common topic in the collection and organise them in groups and then show the currently being mentioned/disscuss the the most.
Sentiment analysis : the A. I. engine identify and categorise opinion express in the post, in order to determine whether the writer’s attitude toward a particular topic is positive, negative or neutral.
Behavior analysis and detection : UHIVE has a huge advantage of understanding/enhancing the user’s experience.

Hybrid blockchain mode

It allow user’s to become completely anonymous by paying a small fee using UHIVE tokens . The fee will cover the network fees of storing the data within the blockchain system.

UHIVE token value growth

UHIVE social network has a huge potential for high organic growth. The application is design to encourage people to use it and stay on it, which will increase the lifetime value of users, consequently increasing UHIVE token value over time.

Total users and UHIVE token value over time

UHIVE token sale

Start at 9th April, 2018

End at 30th June, 2018

UHIVE economy

We design UHIVE to be a completely self sustained economy, just as in life, govern by supply and demand. As demand increase with more users on the system, consequently the UHIVE token value will increase.


The Grey world is some thing new, it allow people to be whoever they want be in an easy way, and to simply explore.

Finally,every thing in life, Notting is guaranteed, but we are committed to start working on bringing a more powerful and comprehensive digital social network to the world, and we know that the UHIVE token value will keep increasing as more users join.

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Meet the UHIVE team

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